“The Quisling embodies many features of the classic Irish-American crime drama, paying homage to both the bloody and beautiful sides of Irish heritage. It leans heavily on themes of family, duty, and revenge, all of which are mostly enhanced by the post-Troubles backdrop and speak to the way in which some wounds struggle to heal. Over the course of its brisk 90 pages, it unravels a dense family mystery that spans decades and continents, portraying the idea that few secrets stray dormant forever.  (Wiki Screenplay Contest)


QUARTER-FINALIST in Page Turner Screenplays, 2020.

AWARD WINNER Metropolitan Film Festival of NYC, 2020

SELECTED, Depth of Field international, 2020

AWARD WINNER, Williamsburg Film Festival, 2020

FINALIST, Lonely Wolf (London) Film Festival, 2020

HONORABLE MENTION, The Wiki Screenplay Contest, 2021

AWARD WINNER, Beyond the Curve (Paris) Film Festival, 2021

BEST FEATURE, Platinum, Royal Wolf Film Awards, 2021

AWARD WINNER, Stardust Film Festival (NYC), 2021

QUARTER FINALIST, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, 2021.

AWARD WINNER, BEST SCREENPLAY FEATURE, Five Continents International Film Festival, 5-7, 2021

AWARD WINNER, Bright International Film Festival (London) 10/21/ 2021

AWARD WINNER, Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, 10/25/ 2021

--OFFICIALLY SELECTED, Santa Barbara International, 11/31/2021

--AWARD WINNER, Venus International Film Festival, 12/5/21

--AWARD WINNER, BEST PLOT, Gold Star Movie Award, 1/2/2022

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Toronto Film and Script Awards, 2/5/22

--NOMINEE, 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, 3/13/22

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, 5/11/22.

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival. 9/7/22

--FINALIST.  Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards, 1/9/23

---SEMI-FINALIST, Dublin Movie Awards, 2/27/23

--QUARTER FINALIST, Emerging Screenwriters Drama Competition, 5/17/23

--FINALIST, The Page Turner First 15, 1/18/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture Awards, 8/3/23

--GOLD AWARD: FEATURE SCRIPT.  Milan Gold Awards, 8/6/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Medusa Film Festival, 10/11/23

--AWARD WINNER, Singapore International Competition, 10/13/23

--AWARD WINNER, Medusa Film Festival, 10/31/23

--QUARTER FINALIST, San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition, 11/18/23

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Fade In Awards (First 10 pages), 11/27/23.

--AWARD WINNER, The Gladiator Film Festival (Turkey), 1/17/24.

--HONORABLE MENTION, Movie Play International Film Festival, 2/9/24


SEAN (young American lawyer)

We have laws to protect you from those people.  

Saoirse smiles.

SAOIRSE (young Irish woman)

Not your game, Sean Conlon.  Different game, different rules.   Your problem is, you don’t know the rules.